My approach to treating patients is focused on using my knowledge of nutrition as a science, and how food and its nutrient chemical components function in the body and their impact on health and disease.  This is called Nutritional Medicine. It is evidence-based and draws on the latest biomedical and scientific research to develop treatment approaches to illness and disease, for primary prevention and to promote optimal health and well-being.

Nutritional deficiencies or imbalances, lifestyle choices and exposure to environmental toxins can result in dysfunction, illness or disease. Nutritional medicine treatment aims to correct the underlying causes as well as providing symptomatic relief. Treatment recommendations may involve removing or increasing certain foods, lifestyle changes and prescription of supplements such as vitamins, minerals, trace elements and essential fatty acids where diet and lifestyle alone cannot correct physiological imbalances.

Health conditions that can be addressed with nutritional medicine include blood sugar dysregulation, type 2 diabetes, weight management, fatigue, insomnia, low energy, mood disorders, PMS, hormonal issues, gastrointestinal or digestive issues, stress, recurrent illness and infections, cardiovascular disease and even mental health.

In my clinic, I use my knowledge of food, its impact on health and your individual situation to look at your health holistically and make diet and lifestyle recommendations to help you achieve optimum health.

My philosophy

I believe we (as a society) have fundamentally lost our connection with food and the critical role it plays as fuel for our bodies to grow, repair, learn and be active. My philosophy is to help you understand what foods and nutrients are required for optimum health and to focus on a dietary pattern (not select foods) full of natural, fresh wholefoods to provide the right balance of nutrients for health. By focusing on you, as an individual, and your needs, I aim to thoroughly understand your health picture, your lifestyle and dietary habits so I can help you understand what’s impacting your health and work with you to develop dietary and lifestyle changes that suit you.

My commitments to you

  • I will always practise with integrity by putting your health and wellbeing first
  • I will always treat you with compassion and respect, and maintain confidentiality
  • I will educate and empower you to take responsibility for your health
  • I will support you to change lifestyle and dietary habits through plans tailored to suit your individual goals, lifestyle, work environment and comfort level of change
  • I will work together with other medical professionals to ensure the best outcome for your health
  • I will provide facts and scientific evidence to help you navigate through the media noise and hype about food trends, supplements and medications.
  • I won’t sell you loads of expensive supplements
  • I won’t put you on fad diets
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